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Vintage Time: Lancôme Aroma Calm

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Writing this post bring back memories of one of my favourite Lancôme products but at the same time it’s sad the it no longer exists… Aroma Calm was a range of oil, moisturizing and body spray, part of a wider collection of aromatherapy-inspired products made to energise  (Aroma Tonic and Aroma Fit) or relax.

The oil was the one that I repurchased many times and it was amazing to feel instantly relaxed thanks to the subtle floral-oriental smell and a good dose of lavender. I’m not sure when I bought it for the first time but Google says it was launched in 2000 and discontinued after 5 years, with nothing remotely similar to replace the line. A shame. Maybe eBay still has some left, however, Lancôme could seriously consider bringing it back.

Can we start a campaign?

6 thoughts on “Vintage Time: Lancôme Aroma Calm

  1. I absolutely loved Aroma Calm and would love Lancome to sell it again. I really miss it. Can pressure be put on Lancome to sell it again?

  2. I absolutely loved Lancome Aroma Calm and would love Lancome to sell it again. Can any pressure be put on Lancome to reintroduce this lovely fragrance?

    1. Hi Catriona, maybe if someone started an online campaign Lancome could see it and bring it back!

  3. It was definitely in production before 2000 I have 2 bottles with tiny amounts left, I think it is the most exquisite smell ever and if I cannot sleep ,a couple of drops under my nose and I have the best sleep ever, it got me through the menopause, perhaps if Lancôme thought it helped menopausal women they would bring it back .

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