The Perfect World of Stella McCartney

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Everybody knows Stella McCartney’s trajectory: raised on a farm, in England’s countryside, Paul and Linda’s daughter learned to value nature and animals since she was a child. After an internship at Christian Lacroix, while still a teenager, she went to Central Saint Martins to get her degree and her graduation show had friends Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell on the runway. Shortly after, she got the top designer post at Chloé and in 2001, backed by Kering (then Gucci Group), launched her own label. Since then, the brand has evolved and besides womenswear, offers lingerie, accessories, childrenswear, fragrances and even skincare (discontinued after few seasons).

There is also a partnership with Adidas, established in 2004, that produces activewear to and the official uniforms to UK Olympic teams. In the middle of all this, she found time to collaborate with H&M (2005) and Gap (2009), in a collection for babies and kids.

Even with a renowned brand, Stella has always been faithful to her convictions and was adamant about not working with leather and fur in her accessories. The fabrics are sourced from natural and organic companies whilst offices and shops use sustainable energy as much as possible. Innovation to her means moving barriers and prove that her beliefs are not a trend. It’s a lifestyle.

Her designs are simple and clean, focused on women that juggles personal and professional lives, just like her. Although they have a hectic schedule, there is always room to daydream about an idyllic, simpler life, which can be seen in campaigns filled with nature, animals and childish elements.

For all of that, Stella McCartney is the Innocent archetype. Her brand symbolizes kindness and a desire for honesty and simplicity. Stella’s ethical values is a proof that she truly believes in a better world, even in a superficial and fickle industry. It’s comforting to know that her dream came true, isn’t?

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