Rewind, Review and Refocus

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Yes, 2018 is wrapping up and you probably have been thinking about what do you want to accomplish for your brand in 2019. But let’s be realistic: you don’t need to do it all at once and definitely don’t need to set unreachable goals. Let’s be reasonable here.

Start by rewinding a little bit and listing what went well and is worth keep doing. It can be anything: from your social media strategy to the way the team is communicating or that new supplier that never fails a deadline. Then, review what needs improvement and what can be done about it. Again, in a realistic way. Should customer service deserve more attention? Or the team needs to grow? Or maybe it’s time for a new strategy for client acquisition? Now that you have a clear view, focus on the execution.

Instead of throwing everything together in an endless to-do list, set short-time goals (e.g. every month or every quarter) and divide your tasks by urgency. Have a down to earth approach and take small steps. It’s much easier to start, change or build something this way than feeling overwhelmed by the size of a task and procrastinate or just give up entirely.

Remember how good it feels when you see things you worked hard for being materialised and make it as the ultimate incentive for 2019 and, well, ever!

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